eHealth Competence Center Regensburg

The eHealth Competence Center Regensburg (eHCC) has brought, and will further bring, world-wide recognised eHealth expertise to our University of Regensburg Medical Center. The eHealth Competence Center aggregates and co-ordinates existing and emerging eHealth projects to analyse requirements and problems, to harmonise processes, to develop principles and specifications as well as to disseminate best practice results. It integrates the different approaches towards a comprehensive eHealth platform.

Uniquely in Europe, the eHealth Competence Center combines scientific, commercial and administrative responsibilities/activities under one roof. It thus uniquely connects health telematics, telemedicine and biomedical engineering enabling a comprehensive eHealth view.

The eHealth Competence Center defines interfaces for integrating the aforementioned projects in regional, national and international environments. It enforces standard conformance and specifies requirements for new standardisation work items. In that context, the eHCC performs gaps analysis for closing them through new initiatives.

The eHealth Competence Center supports and promotes the inclusion of stakeholders, educates and trains developers and users. It is supported by, and will co-ordinate, a number of institutions. The selection of these institutions is linked to eHealth projects regionally as well as internationally.