Security and Identity Management Standards in eHealth including Biometrics – Specific Requirements having an Impact on the European Society and on Standardisation

Project-Coordinator: Claudia Hildebrand, GSF, Germany
Participating Countries (main contractors): Germany (GSF, URMC),
Hungary (Bull),
Italy (IBB),
Norway (ITS),
Czech Republic (IMA)
Begin of Project: March 1, 2006
End of Project: April 30, 2008
World Wide Web: Home page, INNOVA page
Short Description: The BioHealth project deals with security releated standardisation in eHealth. It addresses all those concerned with eHealth; those working in healthcare as well as patients and citizens; healthcare insurers as well as governmental bodies or healthcare industry.
We will inform you on the relevant standards, provide support on their implementation and present best-practices.
One of our objectives is to create an open environment that supports the promotion of standardisation results from standard committees to policy makers and to stakeholders.
We are close to the standardisation committees and committee experts and want to enable a maximum level of feed-back from stakeholders in Europe into the relevant standardisation committees, so that their activities represent the broadest possible consensus.
BioHealth is sponsored by the European Community in Innovation and Enterprise. It will be running till April 2008.