Improved Communication in Diabetes Care Based on Chipcard Technology

Project-Coordinator: Dr Rolf Engelbrecht, GSF, MEDIS Institute, Germany
Participating Countries (main contractors): Germany (ZI Kassel),
France (DiabCare France),
Spain (FundaciĆ³ DIABEM Mataro),
Italy (University of Perugia),
Austria (University of Linz Vienna)
Begin of Project: July 1, 1996
End of Project: June 30, 1999 (including extensions)
World Wide Web: Homepage, EHTO
Short Description: The objective of the project was the specification of the information content and the methodology to support diabetes patients’ care by documentation and communication of essential data between the care providers involved. A Basic Data Set as well as the DIABCARD architecture have been specified and implemented in test sites of 6 European countries. An open DIABCARD workstation architecture was developed including the DIABCARD infrastructure needed. A specific requirement of the project was the interoperability between the test sites but also in the framework of CARDLINK project.
Within a project extension, a security solution was specified and implemented integrating the TrustHealth security framework of Health Professional Cards (HPC) and Trusted Third Party (TTP) services. This work was mainly done under supervision of UHM.