Trusted Third Party Services for Health Care in Europe

Project-Coordinator: Dr Despina Polemi, ICCS-NTUA, Greece
Participating Countries (main contractors): Greece (ICCS University of Aegean),
Germany (UHM),
Italy (University of Calabria),
Great Britain (Information Management Centre of the National Health Service)
Begin of Project: January 1, 1997
End of Project: December 31, 1997
World Wide Web: CORDIS page
Short Description: Within the framework of the EUROMED project on creation of a pan-European healthcare network based on the Internet technology, the EUROMED-ETS project developed and demonstrated security solutions for the Internet environment internationally. A secure client-server architecture based on secure channels via SSL was specified, demonstrated and systematically assessed. In that context, the specification and implementation of Trusted Third Party (TTP) services was provided in detail. A hierarchical international TTP structure including the test sites Athens, Calabria and Magdeburg was demonstrated. The results werde used for the RESHEN project.