HArmonisation for the secuRity of web technologies and aPplications

Project-Coordinator: Prof George Stassinopoulos, NTUA, Greece
Participating Countries (main contractors): Greece (NTUA),
Germany (UHM, GMD Focus),
Israel (Rafael),
Great Britain (UCL),
Norway (NR),
Netherlands (KPN)
Begin of Project: January 1, 2000
End of Project: December 31, 2001
World Wide Web: Homepage, CORDIS page
Short Description: Internet is a completely open network putting all security components (confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, availability) at risk. The evolution and rapid change of the Web technologies bring uncertainty and confusion. The security issue should be resolved before applications over the Web can be realised.
The objectives of the HARP project (development and demonstration of tools for the harmonisation of applied and emerging Web oriented security systems in telemedicine) was a challenging task that could only be achieved within the framework of an international and targeted co-ordination. Links with health authorities and all relevant standardisation bodies have been achieved in order to contribute valuable impact and in order to solve the security problem over the Web focused in the telemedicine sector. The literature, the wealth of existing results, findings and actual testing have provided guidance to HARP.
The overall objective of this project was the development of technologies and tools for the integration of web-oriented security systems. It combined coherent services to demonstrate and quantified the value of security tools/mechanisms/systems harmonisation in business and citizen needs in the Information Society. The overall objective was broken down into the following sub-objectives:

  1. Review/analyse Web components used in the telemedicine sector in terms of security
  2. Investigate the impact of TTPs in the security of Web-based telemedicine applications
  3. Develop harmonising software and tools to cope with the diversity of the Web components
  4. Design, integrate, validate a harmonising, cost-effective, user-friendly security platform based on TTPs for securing integrated telemedicine applications
  5. Demonstrate HARP’s integrated security solution in the telemedicine sector
  6. Disseminate the project results to the widest possible audience