Health Care Security and Privacy in the Information Society

Project-Coordinator: Nick Theodoropoulos, EXPERTNET, Greece
Participating Countries (main contractors): Greece (EXPERTNET Ltd, University of the Aegean),
Netherlands (HISCOM),
Ireland (Ignis Technologies Ltd),
Germany (UHM),
Belgium (Ramit)
Begin of Project: January 1, 1997
End of Project: December 31, 1998
World Wide Web: EU page
Short Description: Dealing with security issues of existing and emerging standards in the healthcare domain, the objective of the MEDSEC project was to revision of these standards, the identification their gaps and the assessment their applicability.
Furthermore, the degree of compliance with the standards was investigated and the awareness on the existence and usefulness of them was promoted. In that context, liaison activities to several European but also to American standardisation bodies was established.
The application of the High Level Policy and the Medical Database Systems security standards was investigated. EDI standards were evaluated and the Digital Signature as well as the Security Categorisation standard were applied, demonstrated, and evaluated.
The solution was generalised. The outcome resulted in two additional reports with the specification of an open secure EDI communication and their implementation:

  • Standard Guide for Secure EDI (HL7) Communication
  • Standard Guide for Implementing Secure EDI (HL7) Communication