REgional Secure HEalthcare Networks

Project-Coordinator: Prof Dimitris Koutsouris, NTUA, Greece
Participating Countries (main contractors): Greece (EXPERTNET, NTUA),
Finland (NKHD, SecGo),
Germany (UHM, GMD)
Begin of Project: January 1, 2001
End of Project: December 31, 2002
World Wide Web: Home page
Short Description: RESHEN’s overall objective was the provision of a best-practice action on the secure communication and information exchange between all levels of participants (primary & secondary healthcare service providers, end-users) in regional healthcare information networks – within the regional networks themselves as well as between different regional networks in Europe. In this respect, some specific project objectives were:

  1. To use the current security practices and tools for setting-up a functional PKI based on TTPs for regional healthcare information networks
  2. To embed three regional European healthcare information networks (in Greece, Germany, and Finland) into a pan-European PKI
  3. To consider organisational and regulatory issues for setting-up functional PKI infrastructures both at regional and at European levels
  4. To perform an extended exploitation analysis and business assessment in the field of healthcare oriented TTP implementations