TrustHealth 2

Trustworthy Health Telematics 2

Project-Coordinator: Dr Gunnar Klein, SPRI, Sweden
Participating Countries (main contractors): Sweden (SPRI Stockholm),
Germany (UHM),
Great Britain (Salford University),
Norway (KITH Trondheim),
Belgium (Ramit Gent)
Begin of Project: June 2, 1998
End of Project: June 30, 2000
World Wide Web: EHTO page
Short Description: The objective of the TrustHealth 2 project was the evaluation (large-scale implementation) of a European security infrastructure in health, which was based on Health Professional Cards (HPC) and Trusted Third Party (TTP) services. Beside the specification of the card environment including the card file system, interfaces to security services and applications as well as the services, mechanisms and algorithms used, also the specification of security policies and TTP architecture, services, and implementation was taken into account.
Legal implications of the security infrastructure, their acceptance and changes in the users’ behaviour, but also the integration of the security solutions in the application environment provided in 12 demonstration sites in 6 European countries were extensively considered.
A specific attention was paid to cross-border activities to demonstrate the interoperability of the national implementations.
The TrustHealth 2 project collaborated with several other projects funded by the European Commission such as NETLINK and DIABCARD. It provided input into national projects for implementing a security infrastructure in health as well as for standardisation efforts.