Main Activities

Detailed Main Areas of Activities:

  1. future-proof architecture for health information systems and health networks
  2. methodology, architecture and tooling for the health telematics platform
  3. basis components for health information systems and health networks (medical, administrative and security domains)
  4. tools for model-based system specification, implementation and maintenance
  5. harmonisation and standardisation of strategies, concepts and solutions on eHealth at national and international level
  6. design, specification and piloting of common services including the security infrastructure needed, in that context the promotion of the establishment of specification and implementation repositories, knowledge services, ID services, terminology services, etc.
  7. design, specification and implementation of prioritised applications, especially EHR
  8. “Electronic Health Record” (EHR) as core application of health information systems and health networks
  9. decision support systems, optimisation of clinical pathways
  10. integration of biomedical engineering and telemedicine including prevention, telehealth and monitoring of patients using miniaturised, intelligent and wirelessly connected sensors, actors, etc.
  11. special aspects of security infrastructure services for health
  12. accompanying research and consultancy services for national and international health telematics, eHealth, and telemedicine projects and networks
  13. teaching, graduation, education and training on the field of eHealth, and therefore
  14. setting the scene on international strategies and standards for stabilising efforts and results

The eHealth Competence Center is engaged in regional, national and international health telematics and telemedicine projects. In this context, it realises intensive collaboration with universities, research and development centres. It provides teaching and educational services on the field of informatics, medical informatics, telematics, etc. It closely co-operates with relevant organisations and institutions such as European Federation for Medical Informatics – EFMI, International Medical Informatics Association – IMIA, International Standardization Organisation – ISO, European Committee for Standardization – CEN, German Standardisation Institute – DIN, International Health Level 7 Organisation – HL7, Object Management Group – OMG, European Health Telematics Association – EHTEL, etc. directly and indirectly.